What is the Alternative String Group ASG?

The Alternative String Group (ASG) is a new type of experience for young string players. The ASG is a chamber ensemble. Curriculum mixes the study of contemporary musical genres with improvisation and rhythm exercises in a fun, non-competitive setting.

Is the ASG a youth orchestra?

In the ASG each student gets personal attention and the chance to be a soloist. Think of it more as a chamber ensemble, jazz combo, or rock band.

What is the RYO?

SPLA, is proud to introduce a new kind of ensemble experience: the Rock Youth Orchestra (RYO). Unlike traditional youth orchestras, RYO offers young string players the opportunity to play rock’s greatest music in relaxed and fun environment. The RYO meets once a week and focuses mostly on rock styles and repertoire.

Do I need to audition?

We ask that new students schedule a short placement audition to perform a scale and a recent solo or orchestra piece. Appointments are available on request.

How old/young do I need to be?

RYO students are typically 8-18 years old with at least one year of instrumental experience. ASGs and Private lessons are available for students/adults of all ages.

Do I need to wait until next semester to join or can I sign up at any time?

RYOs begin in the Fall from September through December. Spring I runs from January- April, and Spring II March – June. The last class in each trimester culminates in a big concert for all ASG & RYO students. ASG classes and private lessons are enrolling year round.

Do I need experience with alternative styles or improvisation?

No previous experience playing in alternative styles or improvising is necessary to start up your own ASG or join RYO.

Do I need an electric instrument to participate?

No. ASG & RYO rehearsals focus on technique, musicianship, and ensemble playing. Students are welcomed to use their electric instruments and may be provided with electric instruments for some performances.

How many students are in each class?

ASG ensembles can be from 2 to 8 eight students. RYO class is limited to 20 students; theory classes are limited to 20 students.

How much does it cost?

ASG tuition depends on the size of your class. Pricing is listed on our ASG and/or RYO Registration Forms

When are the performances?

We believe that it is important for musicians to share their music with others as often as possible! We hold a 4-5 big concerts each each year in March, June, July, September, and December. Special performances opportunities around town are always in the works.

Where are the rehearsals/classes?

SPLA hosts classes in First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica (Wilshire & 2nd St), The Church on Pearl (across the street from JAMS), and at Harvard Westlake.

How often are rehearsals?

RYOs, Music Theory, ASGs, and private lessons meet weekly.

Who is behind String Project Los Angeles?

The school was founded by co-directors Robert Anderson and Jacob Szekely, both top professional alternative string musicians and educators. Instructors include Andrea Whitt, John Crooks, Noah Needleman, and Timothy Weed.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the form here and we will get back to you shortly.