Movement & Stage Presence Workshop

Movement & Stage Presence Workshop with Chippy Raunelle Zuniga, M.A., Adam Jefferis & Christine Georgi.

Chippy Raunelle Zuniga, M.A. After receiving her masters in Dance Education from New York University. Chippy joined the Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation family and serves as the Dance Education Coordinator for the Gabriella Charter School and is a dance educator at The Hollywood Schoolhouse. Chippy co-wrote the dance curriculum for the ABC School District and was a field supervisor for UCLA’s TeachCompton dance credential program. With a strong background in dance education and Chippy has knowledge in designing and implementing a standards based integrative dance and academic program. Chippy’s teaching philosophy allows students to learn to appreciate and analyze dance while fostering literacy in and about dance. Students are encouraged to find their focus, sense of energy, and appreciation for the art of dance. There is a strong emphasis on a structured dance studio environment while allowing students to find their own movement voice within proper technique. Ms. Chippy has served as the Childhood Dance Director at the Harvey Cavalier Camp, Park Pre-School, and the River School in New York and taught dance at the Westwood Charter School and the Faith Intercommunity Church in Whittier, California. She earned a BFA from UCLA and has danced with the Kaleidoscope Dance Company, the Pasadena Civic Ballet Company and the UCLA Undergraduate Dance Company.

Christiane Georgi is originally from Switzerland. There, she made her stage debut as a dancer at the age of 3. She trained and performed as a dancer up until her early 20’s, professionally touring in Switzerland. She started acting during an exchange that brought her to Santa-Monica College where she majored in Dance and Theatre. She went on to master many of the renowned acting techniques: Stanislavsky, Meisner, Commedia dell Arte, Michael Chekhov, Clown and Pantomime.

She is now a member of The Actors’ Gang as an actress, an assisting director, a teacher and as the new director of the Education Program. Christiane is also the Associate Artistic Director and acting teacher of the Possibility Project, a non-profit organization that empowers foster care teenagers through the performing arts to create.

In the last two years, Christiane was invited to direct operas in Switzerland. Credits include: Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffman and Puccini’s Tosca.

She is very excited to bring her knowledge to SPLA. Let’s play some music with all our senses!