“String Project | LA is leading the field of string education…”– Christian Howes Violin Virtuoso

STRING PROJECT LOS ANGELES | Alternative String Groups & Private Lessons 2014

The Creative Summer String Experience for Kids

Educational Philosophy

At String Project|LA we believe each student is an artist. We strive to offer every student an innovative and inspiring experience. We connect students with their passion for music by encouraging young people to create and perform styles of music that they are interested in playing. Classes at String Project | LA foster improvisational skills having our students play music they enjoy. We value and foster improvisational skills while encouraging teamwork and creative self-expression.

Our mission is to create a fun, fast paced, challenging environment to help students connect with their passion for music.

From SPLA Parents,Students and Friends:

“These are some amazing guys who work so hard to inspire these talented children. Jacob and Robbie are providing the students with tons of positive feedback that inspires and motivates the young musician. The summer program they just finished blew my mind. These kids rehearsed and learned min. of 6 Beatles songs arranged by Robbie and Jacob for strings. The kids had 4 days to practice. They rocked the house and most importantly, they had fun doing it! We love SPLA!!!!!”

“These professional and talented instructors bring a depth and innovative approach to music. And then they pass that on to kids in an infectious way. I’ve never seen children’s musical abilities and perspectives develop so quickly or richly.”

“When my daughter started SPLA in January, she had only improvised a few times. Just a few months later, she says that she is feeling comfortable with it and looks forward to each Saturday morning with her group. Thanks SPLA!!”

My daughter is at the age where she needed some serious motivation to keep her engaged in her musical journey. I applaud Rob, Jacob and the whole SPLA team for their keen ability to share their energy, passion and incredible musical talent. They are able to teach complex musical concepts with plenty of fun and good humor in a relaxed atmosphere that the students seem to thrive on. SPLA has widened my daughters musical horizons from the narrow classical path and given her more ideas about what is possible with her instrument.

From SPLA Students:

SPLA gives passionate musicians the rare opportunity to break past the preconceived stereotypes associated with their instruments. D. B.

Going to SPLA is the highlight of my week.It has changed the way i look at life and i would not be the person I am today without it. Z. Z.